STRATEGY. Part 1. Philosophy of the Dojo

1.1 The Martial Arts are of the highest importance to one’s development. They teach values that make the core of a healthy society. The world would be a much better place if everyone practised a form of martial arts.

1.2 Being able to resist physical and mental impact is the most important instinct of survival. Hence, obtaining such skills is a priority and should not be neglected.

1.3 Therefore, the Way of the Dojo, the place where such skills are obtained, consists of:
– Moral and Etiquette
– Heaven and Earth
– Leadership and Guidance
– Method and Discipline

1.4 The Moral and Etiquette cause people to be in harmony with each other.

1.5 The Heaven and Earth signify the duality of the world and a deeper meaning one should be seeking on his path.

1.6 Leadership and Guidance are the virtues of a true leader. The leader should apply wisdom, experience, sincerity, courage, benevolence, and strictness whilst guiding those on the way.

1.7 The Method is important. Every leader has one and gets it polished relentlessly. Following the method is the way of discipline to be applied with no doubts.

1.8 Students of the way that understand the philosophy of the dojo and its reasoning will keep walking the chosen path and achieve enlightening, and the rest will fail on the way. There is no in between.

1.9 Evaluate the dojo leader and commit to your involvement following the ways of the dojo by asking yourself:
– does the dojo leader himself strive for perfection and improvement?
– is the dojo leader capable of the path he leads you?
– is your teacher wise enough to see between black and white?
– is the discipline highlighted by the leader constantly?
– are the yudansha (advanced students, in possession of dan) have some skills developed under his guidance?
– does the practice give you a positive vibe, motivates you and makes you feel growing as a person?

1.10 Answering these questions will define your success on the way of the particular dojo.