STRATEGY. Part 2. The Martial Way

2.1 Deception. Martial Way is the way of deception. Obvious tactical measures are weak as easily seen and thus timely intercepted by balanced counter-steps.

2.2 Balance. A balanced opponent is a dangerous opponent. Therefore, strive to unbalance your opponent prior to applying any tactics.

2.3 To unbalance and deceive the opponent, one’s skills should look as inability. Power as weakness. Close combat should feel like a distant one and far as close. Attack should look as defence and vice versa. An opponent should be confused and, as a result, unbalanced. This is the martial way of deception.

2.4 Timing. Test the opponent with your weakness and once succeeded flip into offense. Make him grow angry and confident. Lure him in.

2.5 Timing. Don’t let your opponent rest. The moment he requires recharging and reforming is the moment for your offensive. Provoke the opponent and act in an unpredicted way.

2.6 Practice. One should understand and practice the above advice. Prepare yourself for any type of opponent and every type of his strategy. Develop certain ways and polish them to the state of art. If needed, they should be applied with no hesitation.

2.7 Practice. Knowing and understanding these methods is the martial way of strategy that has to be practised regularly. By doing so, most likely, there will be no need to apply them in real confrontation. The best fight is the one that never fought.