Summer ends tomorrow

Dear Furin Karate Dojo students,

everything has a beginning and everything has an end. This is the way of life. Or, if we rephrase it, if there is a beginning there is always the end. And the end is a new beginning!

The summer is over. I hope we all had needed and deserved rest. I hope you have been keeping you karate fire on and practiced as much as possible, in the dojo and away. Now the time is to come back to the regular practice in the dojo.

Please see the new schedule below:

Monday@20:00-21:30 – Mixed session

Wednesday@20:00-21:30 – Beginners

Friday@20:00-21:30 – Mixed level

Sunday@8:00-9:30  – Beginners

Sunday@9:30-11:00 – Advanced level

In order to maintain steady pace of students development, everyone is expected to continue practicing karate basics. Therefore, all students regardless of the level should try to attend Beginners practice sessions.

Mixed sessions depend on the audience.

Advanced practice is for the advanced practitioners.

Every karate student is welcome to join all classes additionally to his level but we should keep in mind that every type of practice is designed for a certain level of practitioners.