STRATEGY. Part 5. The Circle

5.1 The way of the strategy is the way of circle. The circle starts nowhere and ends nowhere. Thus one point on the circle line leads to another and so on.

5.2 Relaxation naturally allows elasticity of muscles and flexibility of joints, and through the correctly aligned posture the whipping body movements. Relaxation leads to Speed.

5.3 Speed is the ultimate element of any martial art. Where there is Speed there is Force. Where there is Force there is Power.

5.4 Power is what the martial artists strive to generate, to manage and to use efficiently. One who knows how to generate and manage own Power knows to control himself and may have a chance to be victorious assuming he also knows how to control Power of an opponent.

5.5 With knowlege of Power management comes Confidence. Stress is an attribute of the Diffidence, opposite to Confidence. One who is relaxed is the one who is Fast, Powerful and Confident. Stay relaxed.

5.6 Do not get confused between being relaxed and being sloppy. Relaxation is the key to the Circle. 

5.7 This is the way of the Strategy.