Recent DOJO’s upgrade

Last weekend our DOJO has been upgraded with two features as described below. The DOJO is our home.

Two new images of the White Cranes (on the left of the MAKIWARA) have been added. The crane’s reserved character and graceful appearance along with the cultural association of seeing a crane in flight as an auspicious sign, and famous KUNG-FU fighting style of White Crane adds to the DOJO spirit and inspires practitioners.

A mirror section of 10x4x30cm (3m x 1.2m) has been placed on one of the walls in order to help practitioners with self-reference. Intense, ongoing, critical reflection on the self (HANSEI) on the spiritual, technical and physical levels (SHIN-GI-TAI) is an important part of a martial practitioner’s growth.


  • MAKIWARA (巻藁) = Straw-wrapped vertical board to train punching techniques
  • DOJO (道場) = place of the way
  • HANSEI (反省) = self-reflection
  • SHIN-GI-TAI (心技体) = spirit, technique and body

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