Progress in karate

How to progress in karate? What is the ultimate secret? You know the answer:

The Secret of Karate is in Effort.

Today, I wish to share with you a fundamental principle that transcends the boundaries of our dojo and permeates every aspect of our lives: the principle of effort and progress.

In our practice, as in life itself, the amount of effort we invest directly correlates with the progress we make. Let me illustrate this with a hypotethical example of two practitioners, the Red and the Blue.

The Red practitioner, though present intermittently, struggles to maintain consistency in training. With all the valid reasons and understandable excuses, their progress is slow, and frustration sets in. Comparisons to others breed doubt, and the path of karate seems elusive. Eventually, disillusionment may lead them to believe that martial arts are not for them.

Contrast this with the Blue practitioner, whose commitment knows no bounds. Regular attendance, personal practice, study through reading and videos, and an insatiable curiosity drive their progress. With each passing day, their skills flourish exponentially. In just a few short years, they reach the first level of Black Belt (I Dan), mastering the basics and thirsting for more.

Both paths are valid, and both practitioners are very welcome within our dojo. However, it is crucial for all of us to understand the cause-effect relationship between effort and progress. The more you invest, the more you will gain. It is a simple yet profound choice that lies within your hands.

So, my dear students, I encourage you to embrace the path of the Blue practitioner. Let your passion fuel your dedication, and let your efforts pave the way to mastery. Remember, martial arts are not just a physical endeavor but a cognitive one as well. Approach your practice with mindfulness, and watch as the seeds of your efforts blossom into the fruits of progress.


The Secret of Karate is in Effort.


Effort is not merely measured by physical feats or outward displays of intensity. It is a state of mind, a commitment that permeates every facet of our being. Allow me to shed light on what true effort entails:

Effort is found in the meticulous arrangement of your calendar, ensuring that the sacred time for practice is always honoured and prioritised.

It manifests in the establishment of both internal and external discipline, holding yourself accountable to attend each session with unwavering dedication.

True effort is seen in the moments when fatigue weighs heavy upon your limbs, yet you push forward with a positive “karate-can-do” attitude, knowing that growth lies beyond discomfort.

Effort is displayed through attentive ears and focused eyes, absorbing each instruction with intent and striving to refine every movement with purpose.

It is the ability to look inward, to critique oneself with honesty and humility, recognising that the journey of improvement knows no end.

Effort is not a solitary pursuit but a shared endeavor, as you uplift and inspire your fellow practitioners with your positive attitude and unwavering determination.

Ultimately, effort is the embodiment of personal growth, a continual striving towards excellence that enriches not only your own journey but also the collective spirit of our dojo.

So, remember that true effort transcends the physical realm. It is found in the depths of your commitment, the resilience of your spirit, and the boundless potential of your will.