Judo practice

Our dojo at Judo lesson

Tegumi (手組, Naha) or Mutō (無刀, Shuri and Tomari) is a traditional form of wrestling from Okinawa. According to the Wikipedia:

“It is believed by some, Nagamine [Shoshin],  included, that tegumi was probably the original form of fighting in Okinawa and, as it was enhanced by striking and kicking techniques imported from China, became the progenitor of Te, which is the foundation of modern karate.”

Ineed it is difficult to imagine a martial art that does not use grappling, throwing, choking, locking etc. And vice versa original grappling contains punches, kicks, strikes and so on. With development of sport and Olympic movement (which had definitely made some positive impact on humanity too) martial activities were separated and heavily regulated for obvious reasons. Nevertheless when it comes to self-defense there are no limitations, rules and regulations. Life must be protected by all means. Therefore in Furin Karate Dojo we believe we should be practicing all ways of self-defense. Our main focus is on Matsubayashi ryu karate-do but also on kobudo and jiu jitsu or judo as a form of it.

Last night we had our first judo practice at Dojoka Eindhoven dojo. Winand sensei has instructed us on the basics of falls (very important!) and some throwing techniques and unbalancing principles. It was a great experience and fun. Our dojo did quite well. We are thankful to Winand sensei and Dojoka Eindhoven dojo for such an opportunity and planning to expand our knowledge on judo in the future. Our goal is to enrich our practice of bunkai and kumite with judo/jiu jitsu elements.