The Karate Secret

I would like to thank Nederlandse Federatie voor Krijgskunsten,the NFK, that hosted and helped organizing Patrick sensei seminar. It was a success!

Special thanks to Lennard sensei.

Different styles, different countries, different personalities and yet one love. Martial Arts! During a 3-hours seminar Patrick sensei touched philosophy of the art and gave several demonstrations of Matsubayashi Shorin-ryu (松林流) karate KIHON (基本), KATA (型) and KUMITE (組手). Participants, regardless of previous experience, had an opportunity to taste the martial art whilst practising together. The vibe of the Budoclub Lu Gia Jen, the welcoming hospitality and the Shoshin (初心), the beginner’s mind  made this event unforgettable.  We enjoyed the practice and made new friends.

Thank you all! And till next time!

So, what is the secret of karate?!