The 11’s birthday

Today our dojo celebrates 11 years. Furin Karate Dojo was established November 5, 2012 in Maynooth, Republic of Ireland.

Originally, it was shotokan karate-do oriented and followed JKS (Japan Karate Shotorenmei). Later we discovered Matsubayashi ryu, Okinawan karate, one of the various Shorin ryu schools. Since then we are a proud member of MBSRI (Matsubayashi International) with a Hombu Dojo in Athlone, Ireland.

In 2017, May 11 the dojo officially opened in Eindhoven, Netherlands after moving there in April. Eindhoven is our home. We have been growing here steadily and happily. Four of the students have grown up in Shodan (black belts) and the rest are evolving fast. Most important we love our dojo. Sing along:

Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday dear Furin Karate Dojo!
Happy birthday to you! Hip hip hooray!