Our Dojo​

We are a group of individuals who are committed to the study of martial arts in general, but focused on the Okinawan karate style of Matsubayashi ryu in particular. The group is international; we are from Belarus, Greece, India, Italy, France, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Italy, South Africa, Turkey & Ukraine. No wonder we are part of the Matsubayashi International family!

Dmitry Boguslavsky (III dan), owner and instructor at FURIN KARATE DOJO, has been studying martial arts for more than three decades and experienced in different disciplines such as Judo, Shotokan karatedo, Matsubayashi ryu karatedo, Kobudo etc. His ambition is to establish a strong dojo based on Okinawan karatedo values, particularly Matsubayashi ryu, and to bring together all open-minded and truly dedicated practicioners in one international community. We consider our dojo to be the home of our karate.